Dry Fly Fishing

Dry Fly FishingDryFlyFishing3-300x222There is a reason we advertise ‘Dry Fly Fishing’ rather than just, ‘fly fishing’.

In a world where everything demands instant gratification, where serenity has become a sign on a wall, and the quality of one’s life is determined by how many ‘things’ they can acquire, it can get to where a person’s soul just seems to cry out for `something else.

At Backdoor Outfitters, we strive to return to those days of being a kid. When simply reclining against the sunny side of an immense boulder, with a string that trails into the water and tied to a toe on your bare foot is the only sign of activity. A time when RELAXING was as important an aspect of fishing…. as the number of fish one brought to hand. At Backdoor Outfitters, our goal is to allow you to return to a time and place where you are momentarily immune to the demands and pretenses of an over demanding society.

And, at Backdoor Outfitters, we know an enriching experience shared with family and friends is the most important  part of any adventure.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, with over twenty years of specializing in ‘Dry Fly Fishing’, we have figured out how to find a few fish as a sort of ‘side bonus’.

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