How to get here/What to bring

How to get here

We are located approximately 30 miles south of Missoula, Montana in the Bitterroot Valley. Most people either drive directly to our location, or fly to Missoula (there are three major airlines that service Missoula; Delta, Northwest, and Alaska). From Missoula, you can either rent a car, or arrange for someone at Backdoor Outfitters to meet you and bring you down to the lodge.

If you decided to drive, you must come in from either the North or the South. The following directions should get you here, or at least within shouting distance.

Arrival from the North

At Missoula, find highway 93 South (make sure you are on 93 south, not north, as they are not at the same exit). Upon leaving I90 and getting on 93 South, you will head south out of Missoula for approximately 30 miles. You will drive through the towns of Lolo and Florence, and past the Stevensville exit. About 5 miles south of the Stevensville exit, you will come to a blinking yellow light. There will also be a power substation on the left and a fishing access sign. This is Bell Xing. Go left at this yellow light. If you enter the town of Victor, you’ve gone too far!

Go about 1.7 miles down Bell Xing to our archway. Before you get here, you will notice a large pond on the right side of the road. This is our pond and our drive is approaching soon. Go past the pond, and past the road on the east side of the pond. Go to the archways that say BACKDOOR OUTFITTERS. Come on in. Make friends with the dog and horses. Throw your gear in your cabin, and relax or start fishing; whichever you prefer. If Suzanne or I are not here when you get in, there will be a note posted on the porch to show you which cabin is yours and we’ll see you when we get back from the river or wherever we might have been!

Arrival from the South

After coming over Lost Trail Pass, you will go through the towns of Darby, Hamilton, and Victor. After Victor, go about 4 miles to the blinking yellow light (as you pass an archway with a red car on top, you are getting close). Turn right at the blinking yellow light. This is Bell Xing. Go about 1.7 miles down Bell Xing till you see the large pond on the right side of the road. This is our pond and you are getting close. Go past this pond, past the road just to the east of it, and to the large archways that say BACKDOOR OUTFITTERS. You’re here.

Come on in, get to know the dog and horses. Throw your gear in your cabin and relax or go fishing! Once again, if Suzanne or I are not here when you get in, there will be a sign posted to let you know which cabin is yours, and we’ll see you when we get back from the river or wherever we might have been.

What to bring with you

 What to bring

If you’re planning a trip to Montana, there are a few things you should take into consideration before you come. Perhaps the most important is, “If you left it at home, it’s probably going to cost you more if you have to purchase it on the road!”. To avoid this problem we have prepared a list of some of the things you almost certainly will need if you fly fish Montana.

Montana weather is unpredictable at best. Adequate foul weather apparel should be brought… regardless of time of year. This ideally means a couple layers of polar fleece, some warm socks, finger-less gloves, and some sort of wind breaker/rain gear. In addition, it is highly recommended you bring some form of sun screen, sun glasses (polarized works best), hat, and bug repellent. In addition, all wading gear (waders) must be provided by the clients and is considered essential during spring and late fall fisheries… and often comes in handy during the rain squalls that descend upon us during summer months.

Though we provide a limited line of rental gear, it is also recommended you bring your own fishing equipment. A 4, 5, or 6 wt., 8.5 to 9 foot rod, with matching line works under most conditions. If you can only bring one rod, you might want to opt for the heavier end, as during windy conditions it seems to help if you have to force that line into the wind. In almost all cases, on the rivers we fish, a weight forward, dry fly line is all you will need. If you have a matching sinking line or sink tip on a spare spool, feel free to bring it along too. It comes in handy if we start fishing streamers!

Flies, leaders, and licenses and other terminal gear… as well as most the things we’ve already mentioned… can be purchased from us or at one of the quality fly shops in the area. If you tie your own flies, feel free to contact us prior to your visit, and we will be glad to give you recipes for the ties we use.

We look forward to helping you enjoy your trip to Montana and will do everything we can to see you get the service you deserve. If there is anything we can do to facilitate this end, do not hesitate to ask!

Wireless internet now available in all cabins.

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This is the list to bring (or get here, in the case of license, flies, or leaders)

  • Adequate foul weather apparel
  • a couple layers of polar fleece
  • some warm socks
  • finger-less gloves
  • wind breaker/rain gear
  • sun screen
  • sun glasses (polarized works best),
  • hat
  • bug repellent
  • wading gear
  • fishing equipment
  • 4, 5, or 6 wt., 8.5 to 9 foot rod
  • matching line (dry fly line)
  • Flies
  • leaders 
  • licenses and other terminal gear