BlackfootBlackfoot AccomodationsThe last cabin built at Backdoor Outfitters was the ‘Blackfoot’. Named for, and built to reflect the beauty found on the very river Norman McLain found compelling enough to write a novel about, the Blackfoot offers everything a traveler to Montana might require. At just under 700 sq. ft., it offers ample room to move about, recline, or play a game of ‘poker’, if that is your desire.

As with all our cabins, the Blackfoot offers standard equipment of microwave, refrigerator, barbecue, and coffee pot. Additional cooking facilities are available at the main lodge, or for those wishing to ‘dine out’ there are excellent dining opportunities nearby.

From the comfort of your covered porch, enjoy the deer, eagles, waterfowl and other wildlife that wander the grounds against the backdrop of the Bitterroot and Sapphire ranges of the Rocky Mountains. Then, come inside and watch a movie, use the wireless internet, or lay back in your lodge pole framed bed, curl up in your freshly laundered linens, pull that comforter over your shoulders, and slumber till your heart’s content.

For those wishing to enjoy a night, or a week, in surroundings that are guaranteed to remind one of the picturesque Blackfoot River, you are cordially invited to spend some time with Backdoor Outfitters.

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